Jessie K. Baynham

BASC., ma, registered psychotherapist

Jessie K. Baynham

BASC, MA, Registered Psychotherapist
License #11564, Guelph, ON

Sometimes we need therapy to support coping strategies when life feels overwhelming and full of struggle; sometimes counselling can help clarify a need to change directions or other big questions you may be grappling with. Therapy supports us to be introspective, and gain new perspectives on issues or relationships. By engaging in psychotherapy, we can walk together through a wide range of challenges. 

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“In my early professional years I was asking the question, How can I treat, or cure, or change this person? Now I would phrase the question in this way: How can I provide a relationship which this person may use for his own personal growth?”

*Waitlist for new clients – please contact me for more information/to be added to the waitlist

who i serve


Adults 18+
(*case by case consultation to assess fit for individuals under 17)
LGBTQ2SIA Therapist


Folx identifying with the queer/LGBTQ2SIA community


Straight/queer/consensual non-monogamy

Adults 18+

(*case by case consultation to assess fit for individuals under 17)

Folks identifying with the queer/LGBTQ2SIA community

(Straight/queer/consensual non-monogamy)

Services & Cost

Psychotherapy Services in Guelph & Surrounding Areas.
Available In-Person & Virtually

* In-person psychotherapy services are provided by Jessie K. Baynham, Psychotherapist in Guelph, ON.

Many clients I work with are:

psychotherapy services Going through big life transitions
psychotherapy services Looking to gain more effective coping skills
psychotherapy services Engaging in questions around their gender identity/expression and/or sexuality

psychotherapy services Navigating systems regarding name/gender marker changes and/or medical/surgical options

psychotherapy services Experiencing depression and/or anxiety
psychotherapy services Moving through grief and loss
psychotherapy services Trying to manage relationship issues and/or divorce/separation
psychotherapy services Looking for support with problems with school or work
psychotherapy services Experiencing parenting challenges
psychotherapy services Wanting to heal from past traumas

If any of these challenges feel like they resonate, therapy may be a good option for you. 

Finding the right fit for therapy can sometimes be like finding a new pair of shoes – you have to try a few on before making a decision.  I am happy to offer Free 15-minute phone or telehealth consultations so we can connect and discuss your hopes and goals for counselling.

Stages of Change

In therapy, we often refer to the “Stages of Change” model when helping clients figure out what their hopes and goals are for psychotherapy.  From Contemplation to Maintenance – psychotherapy can assist in identifying barriers to change, working through emotions and beliefs that may create barriers to change, supporting you in taking those first new steps in a different direction, and helping you maintain positive change as we navigate the inevitable bumps in the road … the 5 Stages of Change can help as a bit of a roadmap.

The 5 stages of change are:

psychotherapy services Precontemplation – Not yet acknowledging that there is an issue that needs to be changed or worked on

psychotherapy services Contemplation – Acknowledging that there is an issue, but not yet ready, or lacking confidence and/or support to make a change. This is when most people start to consider seeking out a psychotherapist

psychotherapy services Preparation/Determination …getting ready to make committed change – Therapy can help clarify and strengthen motivation and help us access internal and external resources to help us continue to move forward.  Working with a psychotherapist helps ensure that the necessary conditions are being created to support the change we want to make.

psychotherapy services Action/Willpower … making the changes. In this stage, we are motivated to change and are actively involved in taking steps by using a variety of different techniques.  In this stage, psychotherapy helps us review our commitments to ourselves, deal with internal/external pressures that can derail our change efforts, and helps analyze our change efforts in ways that increase self confidence and motivation.

psychotherapy services Maintenance …maintaining the changes.  In this stage we remind ourselves of how much progress has been made; a psychotherapist can assist here in reflecting back how significant the shifts have been, and help us maintain accurate perspective. In the maintenance phase, we are aware that what we are striving for is personally worthwhile and meaningful.

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